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Whether you want large or small dice, regular or specialty dice, you can buy dice here at Biffley’s and find exactly what you need—and maybe even something you weren’t expecting! is your premier online source for dice.  We do it by offering a wide selection at great prices, delivered with superior service. Biffley’s Bookmark is located in a small town in Minnesota, and we happily bring our treasures to the wider online market.

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These large dice are fun to toss. At 1" in size, you won't vacuum these up! These dice come in 6 different colors.
Language Dice Set
All sorts of language and other 10 sided dice here.
Select from 5 different categories to see more than 100 12mm six sided pipped die. 12mm is between 7/16 and 1/2 inch.
Blue Casino Dice
Get your roll on with these transparent, high quality 19mm dice.
Find your favorite animal here. Fun to collect!
Bear Farkel Dice Game
Farkel and many other great dice games are found here.
Glitter Dice
These pretty glitter dice come in 6 different colors.
Glow in the Dark Dice
When you don't want mom and dad to know you're awake.
Mini Dice Collection
These little dice are pretty cute!
Metal Dice
Very nice heavy metal dice come in 4 different colors.
Novelty Symbol Dice
This is a hodge podge of all sorts of different types of dice.
100 Sided Dice
Standard dice are found here as well as other types of opaque die.
Round Dice Set
Break these babies out at your next game night.