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Carousel Dice Game

Price: $4.99
Quantity in stock - 5
Item Number: 12523
Manufacturer: Koplow Games
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Carousel Dice Games
If you want to buy dice games your little girl will love, look no further! The Carousel dice game by Koplow Games is easy to learn and fun for kids of all ages.

How It Works
Carousel dice games come with six special dice; each one is marked with a carousel, a chariot, a jumping horse, a brass ring, 2 flowers and 3 flowers. The object of the game is to have the longest ride on the carousel.

How to Play
Each player rolls all six dice up to as many as three times trying to roll a carousel, a jumping horse and a chariot, in that order. As each carousel, jumping horse and chariot is rolled, the player sets each die as the correct item is rolled. After a player has rolled and set aside all three dice, he or she can score their time on the carousel using the remaining three dice. Each flower rolled represents one minute of riding time. The brass ring represents five minutes of riding time. If a player rolls three of a kind, their riding time is doubled.

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